Comprehend the Past – Innovate at Present – Design the Future

In Axion Agro, a consultancy firm in the agricultural and food sector, we operate according to the above principles.

The extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the food and agriculture sector places us in a very advantageous position to
foresee impending opportunities and suggest pioneering solutions, tailored to the true needs of every private or collaborative business.

We design curricula allocating EU funding effectively and pave the way to success by becoming an example in the industry. We have always provided solutions of great efficiency with transparent and accurate management.

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We Lay New Paths

  • Forming the first certified olive and olive oil tasting panel in Crete.
  • Introducing integrated cultivation systems.
  • Creating the first table olives plant in Crete.
  • Initiating programs for Operators’ Organizations of the Olive sector in various producing regions.
  • Through the creation of a joint Greek-Italian quality control, certification and traceability system.
  • Establishing business networks to reinforce quality and extroversion.
  • Promoting and installing equipment for measuring olive oil content in support of common grinding.
  • By organizing educational trips to other olive-producing countries.

Axionagro Logo


Axionagro Logo


Με την γιγαντιαία εφαρμογή ολοκληρωμένης διαχείρισης που εξελίσσεται σε γεωργία ακριβείας

Με την κατασκευή του πρώτου εργοστάσιου επιτραπέζιας ελιάς στην Κρήτη

International Relations

In an attempt to conduct dialogue and cooperation at the international level, we have partnered with several professionals,
jointly-run unions and businesses operating abroad.
We have integrated promotional activities and coordinated business delegations all over the world,
utilizing available resources and thus strengthening our clients’ and by extension, our own presence in the global market.

Knowledge & Information

Our progress has inevitably been marked by the presence of Vasilis Zampounis and his invaluable experience in the field of olive oil since 1980.
In a fast-moving world, we try to keep up with the pace of change and provide the same quality information to a greater public.
From the “Olive & Olive oil” magazine, we have now proceeded to online news services going as far as to creating a journalist website.

We provide timely, valid information on all the matters that concern and affect the olive and olive oil production sector, as well as the broader agricultural sector in Greece and abroad.
We organize international and national conferences, lead and participate in research projects and
disseminate them online and/or through press releases.

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The Team

We value our clients enough to put ourselves to the test of providing the best possible solutions to their problems. Practicing that for a really long time we have bonded into a small family, we managed to form a team functioning with precision that makes us proud.


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