At Axion Agro we record developments and organize international conferences since the day the company was founded.

In the 2001 International Conference

In the 2001 International Conference entitled 'The new European Union quality strategy and the Greek Olive' we hosted 350 delegates representing all geographic areas and occupations associated with oil production. We structured the conference program with short speeches and panel discussions, thus maintaining the focus and participation of everyone. The conference enabled oil producers to share knowledge and information on the product Greek professionals helped with suggestions and interventions, while representatives from the European Commission, the International Olive Council, Italy and Spain contributed to the development of a fruitful dialogue within a climate of unity for all olive-producing Mediterranean countries.

Press Release 23-09-01

In 2011 we supervised the organization of the International Conference

In 2011 we supervised the organization of the International Conference 'The olive sector: Gazing at 2020; Aid, international markets, quality and environmental changes under the new 2013- 2020 CFP' co-organized by the 'Olive & Olive Oil ' magazine, the Ministry of Rural Development and foods and co-financed by the European Union. It was hosted at the Eugenides Foundation in Paleo Faliro, on the 14th and 15th of April and 33 speeches were in its’ agenda; 1 from the MRDF, 4 from the European Commission,2 from the International Olive Council, 13 from Greek and 13 from foreign institution representatives and scientists, enriched by 45 questions / interventions from the delegates.
It was a two-day interdisciplinary seminar knowledge, effective recording problems and an opportunity open dialogue for a better future of 'our national' product.

Press Release 18-04-11